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For Parents

When your child is struggling, chances are the parents/caregivers/guardians are struggling, too. Emotional, mental, and behavioral distress don't stay contained to just the individual hurting – it can permeate to the family as well. Parenting sessions are offered for parents who are seeking support, guidance, education, and skill-building to assist their child(ren) in specific, actionable ways that empower the parents' confidence and cultivate connection in the parent-child relationship. Some benefits of parenting consultations may include: enhancing your parenting skills, gaining clarity and learning ways to support your child's specific concerns, gaining resources and referrals for community support, and receiving support as you navigate your own anxieties and concerns. 

It is recommended for parents/guardians to complete 1-2 parenting sessions to evaluate your needs as they align with your child(ren)'s therapeutic needs and goals. Following the initial consultation sessions, they can be scheduled as needed throughout your child(ren)'s therapeutic care. If you are a parent with your child(ren) in therapy and recognize the helpfulness of having your own therapeutic support, we can work together and discuss referrals and resources that are just for you.

For relationship therapy, when working with relationships with two or more loved ones, I approach relationship problem-solving and healing through the lens of Attachment Theory. Attachment is the sense of belonging and safety we have with someone, and if we have a history of negative or injured attachments (poor relationships, abuse, neglect, or other relationship injuries and disruptions), it can impact how you relate and engage with individuals surrounding you. Human beings are social creatures, and our social wellness is closely linked to our individual wellness. Through this lens, your relationship and bond are my focus, and I work to assist you in identifying unhelpful and reoccurring patterns that leave your relationship feeling stuck, hurt, and distanced. In our work we will identify your needs and explore ways of connecting that meet your needs and promote reconnection within your relationship.

Resources for Parents

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