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Walk and Talk Therapy

Walk and talk therapy takes your sessions outside – to local public parks, nearby trails and walking paths, or out and around the office building. This opportunity provides an active and unique approach to therapy, by bringing in the healing benefits of the outdoors and fresh air into the therapeutic space, where many feel much more at ease. Movement, such as a leisurely walk, can often make it easier for some people to talk about and share their feelings, rather than the option of sitting across from their therapist in an office or on a computer screen.


Some considerations before slipping on your sneakers… Be mindful that any form of physical movement and being outdoors can come with some risks. You will want to have an open discussion with your therapist as to what level of physical activity you are comfortable with, and a medical doctor can provide a note clearing you to participate (even with any possible underlying health concerns). Since you will be walking with your therapist in public, keep in mind there is no guarantee that what is discussed may not be overheard. In this way, you and your therapist may intentionally choose to discuss certain topics on the trail and keep the deep processing to the office or telehealth setting.


Your therapist will consider the weather, terrain, accessibility to benches, drinkable water, as well as planning your route beforehand. This information will be shared with you prior to your session.

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