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Psychotherapy is built on a promise; you bring your suffering to this place and I will work with you to keep you safe and help you heal. 

- Todd Essig

Welcome to Still Waters Counselling

Beginning your therapy journey can be daunting, but it can also be exciting. I'm here to help you start on the path to regaining ownership and control over your life. I believe in the importance of finding your own voice, discovering and embracing your authenticity, and developing greater awareness that empowers us, and it can begin here. Whatever your needs are, together we will strive to meet those needs in a supportive, caring, non-judgmental space, while effectively addressing your therapeutic goals. I am passionate about therapy, and equally passionate about your therapy journey being safe, effective, and true to who you are.

I approach therapy in a holistic, relational, and humanistic lens. I like to incorporate and explore all parts of ourselves to cultivate wholeness and healing in creative, non-traditional, and unstructured ways. This creates room for each client's uniqueness, individuality, and strengths to shine that fosters growth and empowerment.


My space is here to serve as your safe space to discover and grow. This is where you can share your story. If you are ready to dig deep and start your therapeutic journey, I'll be with you through it. I encourage you to browse my website and learn more about this process, what can be offered to you, and how you can find wellness again. 

                                           - Caitlin Wordham, LPC, NCC, CCATP-CA


Still Waters Counselling, LLC is currently offering therapeutic services through telehealth only at this time. In-person services will be continually evaluated. Thank you kindly for your patience and understanding!

Therapeutic Specialties 

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It's important to find a therapist who maintains the knowledge and practice of mental health specialties. This way, they are more equipped to assist you in addressing your specific concerns. You have come to the right place if you are seeking support, assistance, and guidance with: 

  • Anxiety disorders (generalized and/or social anxiety, panic attacks, perfectionism, OCD, etc.) and mood disorders (depression, etc.)

  • Eating disorders (body image, relationship with food, anxiety surrounding eating, etc.) and disordered eating struggles (diet culture, food fear, etc.) 

  • LGBTQIA+, gender identity, sexual identity, expression, transition adjustment, life transitions

  • Shame, guilt, vulnerability difficulties

  • Communication and boundary difficulties

  • Personal growth issues (adolescence, identity development, performance stress, life-related transitional stress)

  • Grief, loss, anticipatory and ambiguous loss, and bereavement

  • Past and ongoing trauma (sexual, verbal, physical, emotional, neglect/abandonment, spiritual, inter-generational family issues/trauma, and witnessing trauma)

  • Existential issues related to spiritual and religious beliefs

  • Parent-child relationships and parenting support, skills, tools, and education

  • Helping professionals (healthcare, education, caregivers, healers, etc.)