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Psychotherapy is built on a promise; you bring your suffering to this place, and I will work with you to keep you safe and help you heal. 

- Todd Essig

Welcome! I'm here to help you start on the path to regaining empowerment and peace over your life. I believe in the importance of discovering and strengthening your own voice, learning about and embracing your authenticity, and developing greater awareness that empowers you, and it can begin here. Together you and I will strive to meet your needs in a supportive, caring, non-judgmental space, while effectively addressing your therapeutic goals. I am passionate about therapy, and equally passionate about your therapy journey being safe, effective, and true to who you are. I believe, wholeheartedly, that compassion saves lives, and compassion is the foundation of the work we will do here.


My space is here to serve as your safe space to discover and grow. To be human. This is where you can share your story. If you are ready to dig deep and start your therapeutic journey, I'll be with you through it. I encourage you to browse my website and learn more about this process, what can be offered to you, and how you can find wellness again. 

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Eating Disorders : Anxiety Disorders : Panic Attacks/Disorders : Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders : Shame : Self-Esteem/Worth : Grief & Loss : Adjustment Disorders : Transitional Stress : LGBTQIA+ Affirming : Ages 12+

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