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Meet Your Therapist

Caitlin Wordham LPC, NCC
License: Virginia 070101449

"What helps enormously in our attempts to know our own minds, is the presence of another mind.”

– Alain de Button

Whenever I ask my clients if they have any questions they would like to ask me to feel more comfortable starting their therapy journey, I’m not typically asked about my education, my credentials, and my training experiences. What I get asked frequently is this: “What made you want to become a therapist?”


I have learned that while my formal training and education are a significant and ongoing part of my job, the bigger part of my job is being human – a feeling, thinking, curious, messy human, just as I encourage my clients to be. That in therapy, it’s two humans coming together to make sense of life, including its joys and its sorrows. Leaning on Nadia Bolz-Weber's words, "I hope that by being honest I can create a space around me others can step into and feel safer admitting things about themselves - it's a form of leadership I call screw it, I'll go first."


I love my job as a therapist. I love the journey of meeting every individual where they are on their journey and figuring it out with them; watching them grow, learn, make mistakes, build resiliency, deepen connection, and eventually reach a feeling of peace and wellness. I love working through these journeys because I’ve been there. I get it on a level that I couldn’t without living through it myself. I know the work it takes to get through, the grit and the vulnerability, therefore I work best with people who are “sick and tired of feeling sick and tired” that they’re willing to make changes. I’m not here to “fix” you because you are not broken. I’m here to empower and encourage you and be ready to face what’s challenging. I am here with you and ready to help support you in the journey of healing and growing.

I am not the “smile and nod” therapist. Don’t get me wrong – I do smile and nod! But I’m not a passive listener, nor am I a passive therapist. I am ready to push up my sleeves and get into the mess with you. I’m ready to laugh with you, celebrate with you, wonder with you, mourn with you, and process with you. I have a solid BS detector and I’ll call you on your stuff (nicely). And know this: I’m not afraid to talk about anything you need to talk about. Let’s get it all out together; there’s nothing to be ashamed of here.


I am endlessly passionate about mental health. I am fascinated and in awe of how interconnected our mind and our body are. Mental health is interwoven in every layer of our lives – culturally, physiologically, spiritually, socially, historically – and to work in the field of mental health is like a learning playground for my mind, my heart, and innate sense of curiosity.


Outside of the therapy room and in the wilderness, I’m typically jamming to music (I specialize in the air drums), baking and cooking, reading, watching video game playthroughs on YouTube (because I otherwise suck at playing games), being outside, going on long drives, and spending time with my favorite people. I am an enormous animal lover, and memes are my love language.


Now, if you are interested, here is the more “resume-type” stuff about me…

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