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Therapeutic Specialties

  • Anxiety disorders (generalized and/or social anxiety, panic attacks, perfectionism, OCD, etc.)

  • Shame, guilt, and vulnerability struggles (low self-esteem, low self-worth)

  • Eating disorders (body image, relationship with food, anxiety surrounding eating, etc.) and disordered eating struggles(weight stigma and bias, diet culture, food fear, etc.) 

  • Personal growth issues (adolescence, identity development, performance stress, life-related transitional stress)

  • Grief, loss, anticipatory and ambiguous loss, and bereavement

Individual Therapy


"When the mind and body are in opposition, change will never happen." - Dr. Joe Dispenza 

Individual therapy is the one-on-one setting where you and I will work together on your therapeutic goals and needs. AKA… This is where we roll up our sleeves and dig in.


My therapy is founded on creating a safe space for you to work on your most authentic, whole, and healthy self. Because therapy is founded on a relationship, as we live in connection to the world around us, I take an experiential and relational approach, focused on mindfulness and self-discovery. With this approach, I integrate not just our external connections, but our internal as well. I believe that many distressing experiences (both internal and external) we endure can be explained by taking a deeper look into our unresolved pain, traumatic experiences, and the quality of relationships with those closest to us and within ourselves.

My primary goal for individual therapy aims to address the core of your troubles by directly challenging resistances and unhelpful relationship patterns, with others and within ourselves, that emerge in the counseling session. My intention is to allow you to become more aware of your emotions, thoughts, and feelings using process-oriented mindfulness techniques, experiential activities, and minor somatic exercises (such as breath work, intentional movement, and experiential exercises) to assist in strengthening your mind and body during emotional distress. The purpose of this method is to reconnect your senses and yourself on all levels in a safe and therapeutic environment to strengthen your resilience and improve your tolerance for future distressing circumstances and elements. I believe by honoring and joining our body and mind, we can feel more in control, at peace, and create lasting change.

I enjoy often taking a playful and creative approach to therapy, welcoming your unique interests and methods of learning into the counseling journey (music, art, etc.). This can include incorporating your favorite music, your hobbies, your talents, and other ways that allow you to best express yourself and your personal experience in this world.


I provide individualized therapeutic services for adolescents (12-18) and adults (19+) across the lifespan. Within individual therapy I offer relationship therapy, which looks like therapy with your significant other, your friend, your roommate, even your parent. Relationship therapy is offered to enhance individualized support that is cultivated and addressed in individual therapy. 

​I recommend consistency, as it is important to create and develop progress in our counseling journey. Consistency allows us to continue building on the work we do together as we develop our therapeutic relationship. 

I also suggest and welcome collaboration with you, your family and/or loved ones, and other care providers (psychologists, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, general practitioners, primary care providers, case managers, school counselors, teachers, physical therapists, spiritual and religious leaders, healers, nutritionists, etc.) to enhance your counseling experience and holistic, connective support. I can happily provide these services with your written permission.


I am not a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner; I can work in collaboration with your prescribing physicians with your written consent. 

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