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(AKA "Telehealth" or Virtual Therapy)

The COVID-19 pandemic surged the necessity and helpfulness of telemedicine, and even now we still recognize how incredibly convenient it is! Having telehealth is a great option for meeting with your therapist when you have a child who is home sick, your car has broken down, or there’s even snow that makes traveling difficult and unsafe, among many other reasons. It's also great, and very convenient, to not have to face the hassle of commuting to the office, where you can be cozy in your very own space.


It is recommended that for your sessions you are located alone in a quiet, private space with little to no distractions due to the personal nature of what we may discuss. You will need access to a computer/device with audio and visual (“synchronous”) capabilities. It is also recommended for you to be connected to a reliable and secure internet source to decrease any connectivity disruptions. We will briefly review with you your physical location and address for safety and awareness, and we will discuss specific policies and procedures surrounding telehealth, such as losing internet connection, technical issues mid-session, and/or being unable to connect at the start of session.


Your scheduled session will have an individual, secure HIPAA-compliant video link to attend therapy sessions, and this link will be provided to you. When you are an active client with scheduled appointments, you will receive automated 72-hour text and/or email reminders, as well as text and/or email reminders 15 minutes prior to your scheduled session time. In these reminders will be your unique link for your session. The virtual therapy platform works on Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. 

So, no commute, no waiting areas, just you and me and the support you need in the comfort of your own space. Make sure your internet is strong, make sure you have privacy, make sure you're comfortable, and let's get started. 

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